CLIENT Goodbox

The future of fundraising

Debit cards alone have already overtaken cash, and by 2021 only 27% of transactions will involve coins or notes. This is a major problem for charities as more than half of donations made are cash. In order to tackle this problem V2 partnered with technology start-up Goodbox to create a new innovative giving solution for the charity sector.

Working with Goodbox from its inception has allowed us to engage with charities from day one to fully understand the real issues. Gaining insight, defining a product strategy, helping to create crowd funding campaigns, building prototypes, live trialling a range of beta designs in a number of high profile spaces, iterating designs and all the way through to engineering the final manufactured products.

Our design, prototyping and testing phase has taken us into some of London’s most spectacular spaces including the Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Tate Modern and the V&A.

Live trialling and an open dialogue with staff has been essential in the success of Goodbox’s development. The data from our trials has shown an uplift of at least 20% in total funds raised by charities when using our units. Interest has been overwhelming with over 180 charities, 40 museums, 11 hospitals and several high street brands already engaged.

“V2 immersed themselves in the world of our product, balancing our grand vision with a relentless attention to detail. Their team feels like an extension of our own team; something which as a startup can be the game changer. We are proud to work with such an outstanding group of people."

CEO & Founder, Goodbox