Collaborating with a British retail icon

Interiors, lighting and furniture is a passion for all our designers at V2 Studios. In 2004 the Vitamin brand was born to allow our team to design, produce and collaborate with the best craftsmen, manufacturers and retailers in this industry. The Vitamin for Heal’s collection launched on the 20th February 2018 and is available exclusively at Heal’s, in all stores and online.

Collaborative DNA

“Collaboration has always been a part of the Heal’s DNA. Yet for me, this was exactly what was missing within the Heal’s Lighting collection. The process therefore began by seeking out partners who share our passion for beautiful design. Vitamin were an obvious choice – modern, forward thinking and with an ethos for functional and contemporary design.

“The brief was to create a simple yet thoughtfully designed range with a clear collaborative DNA. The response from Vitamin was a series of beautiful, charming, clever and unexpected designs.”

Head Lighting Buyer, Heal’s

Subtly unique, materials finishes & production

The challenge in this project was to create a collection that not only delivered unique lighting experiences but also a high quality of production and finishes for a very accessible price point. To achieve this it was important to cleverly adapt the materials, finishes and manufacturing processes to have a subtle uniqueness.

Tailored for the Heal’s customer

Heal’s has always been one of London’s most iconic design conscious stores. It is a place we have visited and shopped for the past 20 years. So the opportunity to collaborate was extremely exciting.

The project allowed us to combine our skills from both businesses. V2 Studios developed a full understanding of the Heal’s market, including consumers, brand, price point and opportunity; while Vitamin brought its more experimental, organic creative process and a deep understanding of lighting and manufacturing.

The result was the creation of simple lighting solutions tailored to the Heal’s customer, completely complementing the brand’s existing lighting ranges. A further challenge was to deliver an accessible price point for the range, so it was important that we clearly selected the correct materials and manufacturing processes to achieve this.

Additional Photo Credit – Heals