V2 Studios puts strategy and user centered design at the heart of its approach.

V2 Studios puts strategy and user centered design at the heart of its approach.

Our process is dynamic and can be scaled and adapted to meet specific briefs, budgets and timescales but everything is built around gaining insight and unlocking true potential. We discover, define, design, make, test, iterate and deliver successful and meaningful products and experiences time after time.


Relentless research is the starting point for all V2 projects. We pride ourselves on our track record of the early discovery of needs, behaviours and challenges that become the catalyst for real product innovation.

In our quest to understand people, context and acquire knowledge, our human centred approach takes a deeply empathic route. Our empathic process has seen our designers step into the shoes of the end users to gain real psychological and physical understanding and create deep insight that can be difficult to gain purely from observation, interviews and focus groups.

Our designers have worked as paramedic assistants, trained as swimming teachers, qualified as professional decorators, worked as teaching assistants and become professional drone pilots all in the name of truly understanding how to create products that really improve people’s lives.


We unlock real insight through our in-depth analysis of research findings, markets, consumer behaviour, brands and technology.

It is here, before pen hits sketchbook, that we can discover competitive advantage, market opportunity, creative direction, innovation and intellectual property. It is here we define a holistic view of the project.


Ideas built on an empathic understanding and strategic insight create a connection between designer and their designs, producing ideas with passion, belief and soul.

For our award-winning team it is about creating meaningful solutions, experiences and stories that exceed client expectations and create genuine change.

We turn research and strategy into beautifully crafted designs.


Making gives us the opportunity to learn faster, learn cheaper and learn sooner.

Our in-house workshop allows us to swiftly give physical form to ideas, mechanisms and interactions with a combination of soft modelling, rapid prototyping and electronics.

Our tangible prototypes create an instant creative dialogue between designers, clients and consumers.


We have vast experience in testing and trialling. Both direct testing of products, mechanisms and systems and user testing.


Being able to build, test, assess and refine iteratively leads to faster validation and more efficient, risk reduced production.


We help take ideas right through to manufacture, ensuring the original design intent doesn’t get lost in the production process.


For many of our projects the work doesn’t end once the product is in the factory – our holistic approach will see us create end-to-end solutions that includes branding, marketing strategy, press visualisations, packaging, in-store experiences, and complete store design.