V2 Studios

Nilfisk S1

World-leading industrial cleaning company Nilfisk were looking to re-enter the consumer vacuum market. We had the opportunity to redefine their consumer design language with this first product, the S1. 

It was identified that the European vacuum cleaner market was saturated with products that had a "performance" driven aesthetic. The aim was to create a product that users would want to have out in their home - a design which would convey a sense of performance, whilst feeling pure and uncompromised.

Through various design iterations, we narrowed in on a geometric product language that felt honest to the component parts of the machine, whilst simultaneously conveying a sense of simplicity in user experience.

CMF exploration led to three distinct product colour ways

Co-design and refinement with R&D engineers allowed us to find solutions to ready the design for large-scale manufacture, whilst minimising design compromises and, where possible, enhance the design features and usability of the product.

Collaboration with CMF designers and branding allowed us to ensure that the overall user experience, from UI to packaging, felt holistic and well-considered

The circular handle profile became a key part of the product language, creating a bold geometric visual identity, whilst also telling a story of greater usability. 

The resulting product was a bold, positive leap back into the consumer vacuum market for Nilfisk, winning IF and Red Dot Awards 2024.

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