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V2 Studios Scoop 2011 Red Dot Award for Product Design

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London based product design consultancy V2 Studios has been awarded a coveted Red Dot award in this year’s product design category for their design for Virgin Media’s Unified Remote Control.
The Ergonomic Remote control was the first item to be released from a family of products designed by V2 for Virgin Media over the past year. A strong visual identity was created to help differentiate Virgin Media’s product range from rival offerings in the market place and create devices that are desirable, functionally excellent and iconic in the home.
The Unified Remote offers the user improved usability over existing offerings by focusing and repositioning buttons based around their frequency of use.  Its arced surfaces follow the natural curvature of your palm when relaxed, guiding the users hands towards the essential controls.  When designing the remote, ergonomic excellence was critical.  Functionality was completely analysed and this resulted in removing buttons and controls that were duplicated or confusing for the user. The concentric buttons are designed to follow the natural arc of the fingers as they reach further across the product making it easier to operate.
Virgin Media Ergonomic Unified Remote
Professor Dr. Peter Zec, the initiator of the red dot design award, says  “As always, our jury cast a very careful eye over the products submitted. Design quality has asserted itself clearly in the judging process, with genuine and new creative solutions also being rewarded. Both of these criteria are not just yardsticks for good design, but also for the potential for success on the market. This potential is increased several times over by the targeted use of our renowned design award”.  This year, designers and companies from 60 countries entered 4,433 products in the red dot award: product design.

About V2 Studios
V2 Studios is a London-based design studio founded by brothers Andy and Chris Vernall.  After studying at the Royal College of Art and Central St Martin’s, Andy and Chris led successful international careers in the product and automotive industry. A shared passion to produce iconic and ground-breaking design solutions brought the brothers back to the UK in 2005 to set up V2 Studios.
As a multi-disciplinary studio, V2 designs for some of the world’s largest brands in sectors such as product, transport, toys, interior and furniture.  V2 Studios produces iconic and considered solutions, creating design that has longevity and an identity that correctly pays homage to the client. Born out of a belief in finding simple yet innovative solutions to any design brief, V2 pride themselves on delivering a tailored approach to every client.
The winning products in the red dot design museum You can experience the Virgin Media Ergonomic Remote Control first hand: together with the other prize-winning products, the product category will be on display from 5 July to 1 August 2011 in the exhibition “Design on stage – winners red dot award: product design 2011” in the red dot design museum at the world heritage site of the Zeche Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen. With in excess of 1,500 products spread over an area of more than 4,000 m2, the red dot design museum houses the largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design worldwide.
About the Red Dot Design Award
The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is now the world’s largest and most distinguished design competition. It breaks down into the three disciplines ‘red dot award: product design’, ‘red dot award: communication design’ and ‘red dot award: design concept’. It is a highly competitive and sought-after mark of recognition; there were almost 14,000 entries from 68 countries in the year 2010 alone.