V2 Studios

Greener Play

A new range of characters and products focused around enhanced developmental play and increased sustainability. A systems approach to the design of the range allows for a high level of interaction between all products, expanding the play experience.

Using plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, the team successfully adapted the design and development process to work with the benefits and limitations of biobased polyethylene.

Extensive design development from initial sketches to multiple physical prototypes culminated in a fresh new range, perfectly designed for little hands.

A new character aesthetic brings a more contemporary, minimal and cute style to Playskool.

Heightened sensory play through simple, expressive forms, colour combinations, pattern and tactile texture.

Understanding the key developmental stages at each relevant age was fundamental in creating a range that was both educational and fun.

Rich play experiences for improved longevity of play. As the child grows and develops, they can interact with the range in new ways.

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