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Mealhub, a new model for food delivery. Providing a contactless cloud canteen solution to workplaces through smart food hubs, enabling employees to tap into an affordable healthy range of delicious restaurants at their convenience.

V2 have supported Mealhub from a start-up to a fully operational offering. Work has spanned from strategic visions, to support initial funding, through to the design and manufacture of the smart hubs, including UX and electronic control systems.

Using Mealhub’s smart delivery algorithms, couriers bring lunches from partner restaurants and deliver them to the Hubs in offices and communal spaces. This grouped delivery system means these lunches are good for you, the planet, and your wallet.

The smart batch delivery algorithms allow Mealhub to collect and deliver multiple meals in one trip, reducing the environmental impact vs other delivery models.


We were tasked with creating an iconic physical symbol for the brand that represented it’s high-quality offering whilst blending into multiple environments.

Various testing scenarios were defined, enabling clear and differentiated proof of concept options to be created. In depth materials testing ensured the development of a solution that optimised food quality, from kitchen to customer.

Operation systems designed and manufactured from the ground up, integrating fully custom electronics, firmware and a customer app (with smart connectivity to allow for modularity and expansion of the units as required).

The units went from 1:1 scale prototypes in our studio to full batch production.

Modularity and cost optimisation was key in the construction to allow for expansion of the units, tailoring each to the space and customer demand.

Seamless integration between the Mealhub app and the food lockers allows for quick, secure and foolproof access to meals.

Mealhub units are installed in many environments across London.

More to come…

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